Useful Website Links

        Many of the sites listed below will have additional links to other sites that may be helpful.  The Phases of the Moon Site listed under the moth sites may be of particular interest to moth collectors, as moths typically come to lights more strongly with a new moon.

Educational/Informational Sites  --

  1. Monarch Watch --
  2. Turning your backyard into butterfly friendly habitat (specifically for the Monarch -- Hermann Samano)
  3. Butterflies in your playground -- my thanks to Stephanie and Dakota Lowe for directing me to this website
            and here is the broader Insects in your playground (thanks to Mia Chaney for the suggestion)
  4. Insect Sites for Educators -- K - 12
  5. Lepidoptera resources for all ages
  6. Bugguide
  7. Inaturalist
  8. Lepidoptera -- Tree of Life
  9. Barcode of Life -- Lepidoptera

Butterfly Houses/Gardens/Gardening

  1. Public Butterfly Gardens & Zoos --
  2. Butterflyworld (Florida) --
  3. Univ. of Alberta; Butterfly House --
  4. Butterfly Gardening Resource Guide
  5. Callaway Gardens Day Butterfly Center -- Pine Mountain, GA
  6. Butterfly Pavillion -- Westminster, CO
  7. -- Ava Rose's Article on butterfly gardening
  8. How to build a butterfly garden in your backyard  -- suggested by Bella
  9. The ultimate guide to protecting butterflies and how to help them thrive in your garden -- suggested by Claire Mitchell

Associations and Information -- 

Worldwide Interest

  1. Lepidopterists' Society Home Page
  2. Journal of Research on the Lepidoptera -- Contents
  3. Association for Tropical Lepidoptera home page
  4. The International Lepidoptera Survey
  5. Electronic Resources on Lepidoptera
  6. The Butterfly WebSite

North America

  1. Carolina Butterfly Society
  2. Southern Lepidopterists' Society
  3. Ohio Lepidopterists' Society
  5. North American Butterfly Association --


  1. Lepidopterists' Society of Africa


  1. Heterocera Sumatrana Society

Equipment/Books/Works of Art

  1. Bioquip --
  2. Carolina Biological Supply --
  3. Wedge Entomological Research Foundation -- suppliers of the Moths of North America fascicles
  4. Welcome to...A World for Butterflies
  5. Traps for capturing Lepidoptera
  6. Butterfly Printables -- for shirts, education, etc.
Historical publications on Lepidoptera
  1. Historical Recent Moth Illustrations 
  2. Biologia Centrali-Americana


  1. Butterfly Videos

Butterfly Sites -- For SE U.S. butterflies, check the first four listed below under North America.

North America

  1. Lepidoptera.Net (Dave's Lepidoptera Page) - Butterfly photos from Georgia
  2. Georgia Butterflies by Jim Flynn 
  3. Jeffrey Pippen's Butterfly Page
  4. Dave Powell's butterfly site --
  5. Bob Moul's Butterfly Gallery
  6. Butterflies of North America  -- Butterflies and Moths of North America (BAMONA)
Central/South America
  1. Neotropical Butterflies

    1.  Butterflies of Americas 


  1. Russian Butterflies

Moth Sites --

Taxon Specific

    North America

  1. Tortricidae
  2. Sphingidae of the U.S.
  3. Legion of the Night -- Underwing Moths
  4. Bill Oehlke's Catocala (Underwing Moths)
  5. Bill Oehlke's Sphingidae


  1. Kirby Wolfe's Saturniidae (GREAT!)

North America

  1. The moth photographers website (MPG) -- ever growing and perhaps the best site for moths in the U.S.
  2. Moths of North America  -- Butterflies and Moths of North America (BAMONA)
  3. USGS  Moths of North America
  4. Moths of Canada 
  5. The Dominick Moth Collection 
  6. The Moths of Southeastern Arizona

Central/South America

  1. Arctiidae de Guyane Franšaise -- Tiger Moths of French Guyana
  2. Checklist of Moths of the Area Conservacion de Guanacaste, Costa Rica (Dan Janzen)


  1. Saturniidae of the Western Palaearctic
  2. Saturniidae (of various countries, mostly in Europe and Asia)
  3. UK Moths
  4. Moths of Hong Kong
  5. Moths of Borneo

Phases of the Moon -- A useful site for those of you interested in studying moths, as it has been experimentally demonstrated that the full moon often diminishes the number of moths that will be attracted to lights or bait.

  1. Phases of the Moon

General Lepidoptera Sites 

North America

  1. Florida State Collection of Arthropods --
  2. Lepidoptera of Vancouver Island



  1.  Lepidoptera of the French Antilles


  1. Moths and Butterflies of Europe and North Africa - P.Mazzei & D.Reggianti
  2. Finnish Lepidoptera (mainly)
  3. Bugs of Thailand (many nice moth and a few butterfly images)

Caterpillar Specific Sites -- besides the caterpillars pictured on this site, the first site listed below should have many species that are found in the S.E. U.S.  The other sites may not, but you may be able to find ones similar to yours, which will probably head you in the right direction at least as far as familial identification is concerned.

  1. Caterpillars of the Eastern Forests
  2. Caterpillars of Australian
  3. Caterpillar Hostplant Database
  4. Common Caterpillars of Southeastern Arizona
  5. Caring for Arctiid (Tiger Moth) Caterpillars (Woolly Bears)
  6. The Truth about Woolly Bears