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At nostril: Stratified Squamous E

Nasal Cavities through Nasopharynx: PCCE

Oropharynx to top of Vocal Cords (in Larynx): Stratified Squamous E

Below the Vocal Cords (in Larynx) through Trachea into beginning of bronchi: PCCE

From that point to respiratory surfaces (alveoli) gradually thins through:
PCCE →→→ Simple Columnar →→→ Simple Cuboidal →→→ Simple Squamous E

Respiratory System Support Structures:

Nose/Nasal Cavities/Sinuses: Various bones (maxilla, ethmoid, sphenoid, vomer, inferior nasal concha, etc.) and hyaline cartilage wedge septum between nostrils

Larynx: (Hyoid) bone; hyaline cartilage for most (includes thyroid, cricoid, arytenoid); elastic cartilage (for epiglottis); dense regular (for cricothyroid) ligament; elastic connective tissue (for
vocal cords)

Trachea and bronchial tree: hyaline cartilage rings in trachea (C-rings) and large bronchi give
way to irregular pieces of hyaline cartilage and then to no cartilage in bronchioles (but more
smooth muscle)

Lung (stroma): Elastic connective tissue