Lymphatic/Immune/Respiratory System Structures - To know for the lab practical
     *KNOW epithelial linings AND support tissues of respiratory system structures
BIOLOGY 2213: James Adams
Lymphatic System
I. Lymphatic Vessels: Capillaries, including lacteals; main trunks/ducts (lumbar, intenstinal,
        bronchomediastinal, subclavian, jugular trunks; right lymphatic, thoracic ducts)
     Cisterna chyli
II. Lymphoid Organs: Follicles/germinating centers; cortex/medulla with medullary cords
        Diffuse Lymphatic Tissue
     Lymph nodes (with afferent/efferent vessels exiting hilus/hilum) -- inguinal, axillary, and
            cervical groups
     Spleen (with red/white pulp)
     Tonsils (with crypts): pharyngeal (adenoids) and tubal, palatine, and lingual in/on 
                nasopharynx, oropharynx and tongue, respectively
     Peyer=s Patches (in ileum) and Appendix

Respiratory System*
CONDUCTING ZONE -- wall: mucosa (know epithelial linings) and submucosa
I. Nose/Nasal Cavities: (bounded by hard/soft palate [uvula] on floor)
     External/Internal nares
     Nasal Conchae/Meati
     Paranasal Sinuses -- frontal, maxillary, sphenoid
II. Pharynx: see Tonsils, under lymphatic system (above)
     Nasopharynx, with tubal/pharyngeal tonsils
     Oropharynx, with palatine tonsils
III. Larynx (Voice Box)
     Vocal cords/folds
     Cartilages: know thyroid (laryngeal prominence), cricoid, and arytenoid
     Cricothyroid ligament
     Hyoid bone
IV. Trachea (with hyaline cartilage C-rings and trachealis muscles)
V. Bronchial Tree  -- 
         Carina (hyaline cartilage wedge) at base of trachea; begins separation of . . .
    Primary bronchi (R & L), secondary (lobar) bronchi
     Bronchioles (including terminal)

V. (continued). Respiratory bronchioles
VI. Alveoli
Respiratory membrane


VII. Lungs
        Landmarks: Apex/base, root/hilus, cardiac notch (on L)
     Vessels: Pulmonary arteries/veins, bronchial arteries/veins
     Pleurae: Parietal/visceral
         Muscles:  diaphragm, intercostals