SKIN -- The Integumentary System Structures to Know Sheet         Biology 2212
                for the Lab Practical Dr. Adams

    Cells -- Keratinocytes
    Strata -- basale, spinosum, granulosum, (lucidum), corneum

    Papillae/Papillary layer (loose [areolar])
    Reticular Layer (dense irregular)
    Dermal ridges

Hypodermis: Adipose Tissue

Skin Appendages: all are epidermal derivatives
    Hairs: keratinocytes
        Shaft and Root
        Cuticle, Cortex, Medulla
        Follicles: hair root, hair bulb
        Root sheaths epithelial and connective
        Arrector Pili Muscles
    Glands: sweat (sudoriferous) and oil (sebaceous) glands
        Sweat: simple coiled tubular glands (merocrine)
        Sebaceous: Simple (branched) alveolar glands (holocrine)