Review sheet 9 (Test 2)             Biology 4900 – Behavior          James Adams & Kristen Weiss Sanders

Vertebrates – Reptiles

Guest Speaker – Daniel Gaillard (from DSC)

Reptilian Behavior Review Sheet

1. ___________ is a major influence on patterns of distribution and activity.

2. What does it mean when reptiles are said to “thermoregulate”?

3. How is heliothermy different from thigmothermy?

4. How do alligators avoid drowning when lakes freeze over?

5. An area a reptile uses on a daily basis in search of resources is called ________.

6. Did male or female Trachemys scripta move more frequently between aquatic habitats?

7. What is mate searching behavior?

8. What is habitat following?

9. How did scientists study the movement ecology of Galapagos tortoises?

10. Were the movements the same between the male and female tortoise?

11. Is it important to know the movement patterns of species? Why?

12. What are two orientation cues reptiles may use during movements?

13. What is the difference between territory and home range?

14. Most territorial defense encounters end at this level, which contains what type of aggression?

15. The snake combat video was which level of aggression? The alligator video?

16. What are the 4 types of communication?

17. Which type do red-eared sliders use when mating? When chameleons feel threatened?

18. What posthatching parental behavior was seen in Podocnemis turtles?

19. What form of communication is used by male alligators during breeding season?