Withdrawal/Drop Date is Friday, October 15, 2021.  Newly scheduled times in RED.

Date of Exams


   1.            Sept. 1
   2.            Sept. 29
   3.            Oct. 25
   4.            Nov. 17     

    Final        No final exam. Final project presentations instead (see below).

Quizzes will be announced through the semester as soon as we know when we are going to give them.


Invert behavior project:  August 30
Pet behavior project:  October 20
Independent research projects:
            Friday, 10/15- deadline to pick species or species group
                   1.  first come, first served
                   2.  no more than one student per FAMILY of animals
            Monday, 11/1 Monday, 11/15
                   1.  meet with Dr. Adams AND Prof. Sanders with a draft of your presentation
                   2.  when you meet with us, you will get to pick your presentation date/slot
                   3.  again, first come, first served
            Monday, 11/22 (3 presentations), Monday, 11/29 (3 presentations), Wednesday, 12/1 (12:30-2:30 PM)
                   (remaining presentations)