Peacock Courtship:
    Manakin Courtship:
    Bird-of-Paradise Courtship:

                                Motmot, Palo Verde, Costa Rica, April, 1985.  © James Adams, 1985

Male Motmot, with tailed cocked, Palo Verde, Costa Rica, April 1985.  © James Adams, 1985

                                Parnassius butterfly, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado © James Adams, 2003

                              Female Parnassius mnemosyne, with sphragis plugging mating passageway.  Just so you know
                            butterflies mate and lay eggs through different openings, so she can still lay eggs!! 
© Lars Andersen, 2009

          Damselflies, male above, female below.  Male deposits own spermatophore in pouch on the underside
         of the second/third abdominal segments (orange in this species); convinces female to mate and uses
         claspers at end of abdomen to grab her behind her head; she then reaches forward with the end of her
         abdomen to retrieve the spermatophore.  This is a roundabout way of mating to say the least.       
                If you ever DO see a male damselfly apparently mating the "normal" way (end of abdomen to end of
         abdomen, then that male is actually scooping out the previous male's spermatophore. 

    Hangingflies mating;

  Stalk-eyed fly, La Selva, Costa Rica, March , 1985.   © James Adams, 1997