Assignment: Journal Article Reviews

           If you have never reviewed an article from a scientific journal, then it is time to do so.  If you have never READ a scientific article, then it is WAY PAST DUE!!

           You will be required to write three reviews of three different journal articles – the articles must be about some subject having to do with topics discussed in your evolution class, and on research done in the last TEN years. I have changed the assignment this semester, and instead of you looking for individual articles, I have provided you with lists of articles from which you should select the one you wish to do.  These choices are on my faculty website and will be discussed in class. 

            Your reviews should BEGIN with TITLE and AUTHORS. The review should be no more than two pages long (this is a GUIDELINE, not an absolute), DOUBLE-SPACED.  You must include a SUMMARY of the article – the summary should include:

          1.  The hypothesis (-es) being investigated.
2. The main ORGANISMS (including scientific names) involved and the LOCATIONS where the investigations were done.  Do NOT list ALL scientific names if it is a large survey article. If the article highlights certain species, then your review should, too.
3. At least the basics, but VERY BRIEF, about WHAT was done (methods).
          4.  Summary of important results/discussion, and WHAT THE CONCLUSIONS are about the original hypothesis (-es).

            This will be followed by original discussion of yours that should include the following:

          1.  How the info in the article connects with topics discussed in class; as we are starting this assignment right away, you may have to look ahead to see what topics are coming.
2. Additional research that might have been done to clarify topics in the article.
3. Further questions/research that could be asked/undertaken, stimulated by what you read in the article. 

           Each review is worth 25 points. You MUST turn in a copy of the article with the review. All articles may be taken from internet resources, but let me again remind you that the articles must be PRIMARY ORIGINAL RESEARCH ARTICLES

           Clearly this gives you a lot of leeway in terms of topics covered by the articles.  It should therefore be rather easy to complete these reviews, and you can always ask me for help along the way.

The three reviews will be due: 

March 24, 2020 

April 8, 2020 

April 22, 2020